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brand story
Founded in 1946, KOSE is a Japanese cosmetics and skincare corporate. KOSE’s corporate message is ‘Wisdom and beauty for people and the earth.’ KOSE has developed brands including KOSE, BEAUTE de KOSE, INFINITY, COSME DECORTE, KOSE COSMENIENCE, Predia and STEPHEN KNOLL COLLECTION. Under these brands, there are over forty lines of skincare or cosmetics products to cater for different markets.

One famous line from KOSE is Medicated Sekkisei. Products from Medicated Sekkisei have included Chinese and Japanese plants as ingredients to purify and whiten skin. The whole product line includes products like Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion, Sekkisei Day Essence, Day Whitening Essence and White Powder Wash.


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