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brand story
Founded in year 1997, Ruinian International is a health product manufacturer and distributor with focus in amino acid production. The existing width of our product line has widely expanded from supplements, health foods, drinks to pharmaceuticals now. In February 2010, Ruinian International was successfully listed on Hong Kong Stock Market which was a milestone to us.

Besides, in 2011, we were glad that ICAAS* (International Council on Amino Acid Science) invited us to join as their official member. Now, we are the first and the only one member in China including HK and Macau, joining this professional association. This invitation is such a great encouragement to us.

* Remarks: ICAAS, established in 2001, is a non-profit association. It goals are to explore and resolve scientific concerns related to all respects of safety, quality and use of amino acids. A lot of large Japanese companies such as Meiji and Ajinomoto were also the member of ICAAS.


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