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brand story
Plum is an essential part of the Japanese diet, its ability of anti-oxidation can slow the aging of intestines, also aiding digestion and nutrients absorption after meals. Plums contribute a lot to why Japanese were recognized as a nation of longevity, with low cell mutation rates and healthy skins.
Understanding these benefits, Umeya helps you to select natural health products of the highest quality from Japan, assisting you to enjoy a life of healthiness. We insist to use ingredients that are free of medicine and are 100% natural, assuring you a product free from side-effects and pain.
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Purchase Umeya Detox Cha Plum (12piece), you could get an extra one for FREE!

Now when you purchase Umeya Detox Cha Plum (12piece), you could get an extra one for FREE!

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duration: Jun 1, 2016 to Jun 30, 2016


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