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brand story
LSnP™ stands for Love, Sexy and Perfection. We aim to bring to the mass market professional self-pampering products especially suitable for sports activities with affordable pricing. In contrast to traditional elegance style, we use innovative channels, vivid tactics on and off line Cutting Edge technology.

With our patented technology covering all aspects for the good of hair in our 4 main hair care product series - Moisture, Color Hold, Volume & Anti-Hair Loss , there is nothing more you could ask for.

- Hyacomplex™- The way to perfect, shiny hair. To add that perfect touch of hair you need the real deal. Water is one of the origins of life. Your hair needs water too.

This patented pending technology contains the formula of refined, concentrated Hyaluronic acid, which mainly serves as your “Aqua defender”. - Protein penetrator™. With special compound of amino acids help penetrate the hair shaft and help repair and strengthen the hair from inside out.

- Color reserve™ Visible light rays , especially UV rays cause significant cuticle damage, color loss and are invisible to the human eye. With Color Reserve™, LS&P protects hair from these harmful rays resulting in longer lasting color and healthier hair. It is also suitable for virgin hair to remain vibrant and shiny.

LSnP products are proudly supported and experienced by different recognized International and HK artists. We also crossover with a series of popular and trendy brands such as CALIFORNIA FITNESS、MYOGA、PLAY BOY、PERRIER、POLA WATCH、MINI COOPER BIKE, in order to bring indifferent hair quality of life and achieve the outstanding brand image in consumers’ mindsets


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