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Kilo Off
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Kilo Off – Renowned Slimming Brand from France

Renowned Slimming Brand from France
Most of French women possess a perfect figure with a healthy body. The tips are having nature & fresh food and doing exercise as routine. The famous French pharmaceutical factory, Laboratoires Vitarmonyl, which founded over 30 years ago, make uses of this concept to research and product develop Kilo Off series that can both for internal and external use.

All Kilo Off slimming products make by 100% natural ingredients to improve your health, based on upgrading physiological function and speeding up metabolism to enhance overall slimming function, improve circulation and eliminate body’s excess toxins which you can slim efficiently and safely. With our combo box sets slimming concept, you can always find one combo fits your personal need. Kilo Off series contain different combo and single items, they are Kilo Off Flatten Stomach Set, Kilo Off 40 Days Weight Control Set, Kilo Off Anti-Cellulite Set, Kilo Off 35 Days Belly & Waist Trimmer Set and single items are Kilo Off Original, Kilo Off Slimming and Firming Gel, Kilo Killer and Kilo Off 24 Slimming Capsule.


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