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Méthode SWISS
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Méthode SWISS creates lines of products with the most advanced skincare technologies of Switzerland, the highest quality natural ingredients and scientific principles. Its various skincare lines offer comprehensive care for your skin, illustrating the pure, simple but effective skincare magic of Switzerland.

Méthode SWISS Miracle Serum

To meet the seasonal changes, ladies need extra delicate care of the skin to combat the challenges of the external environment. Méthode SWISS fully understands the needs of modern women and presents the "Miracle Serum".

Comprising efficacies of moisturizing, lifting, reducing fine lines, anti-stress and anti-oxidant, "Miracle Serum" is formulated with highly effective and innovative ingredients Hydraconcept and MatrixylTM 3000. You can witness the magical moment and experience the revival of skin with the very first usage of "Miracle Serum", just as Kate Tsui does!

Méthode SWISS "Miracle Serum" not only to instantly improve skin quality, but also moisture level and elasticity of skin. With the usage of two consecutive months, you will find Triple “Ups” Magical Effect - moisture is absorbed and replenished at outer layer, stored and "locked up" at inner layer, face is "lifted up" and minimize fatigue lines continuously, and blend the "miracle serum" with foundation to prevent dryness of skin after "make-up". Skin looks exceptionally smooth and radiant.


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