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Tong Fong Hung
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brand story
Tung Fong Hung was established in 1971 as a retailer and distributor of Chinese medicine traditional health supplements and deluxe dried marine food. With the mission of “Uphold product quality and pursue scientific approach”, Tung Fong Hung aims at providing top quality products and services. Currently, TFH maintains a worldwide network covering more than 70 retail outlets in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Singapore and Canada, not only to distribute products, but also to promote traditional Chinese health culture. Tung Fong Hung believes that innovation is the chief factor for development the Chinese health supplement market. It has made heavy investment in improving production facilities including the establishment a wholly owned factory in Zhongshan, china, so as to keep itself on the cutting-edge of research and development. In the future, Tung Fong Hung will continue to apply scientific research to product development and provide a wide spectrum of high quality Chinese health supplement to customers.


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