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brand story
SVELTY, is French for slender, beauty and slim waist. Our goal is to continually develop quality effective products to satisfy a variety of dietary needs.
All processes from manufacturing to packaging are completed in Japan under strict regulations to ensure consumer safety.

Established in 2009, Svelty has quickly established itself as an effective quality brand in Japan by aiding over 4 million people reach their desired weights and thanks to overwhelming support from top models, actresses, singers and talents. Many well-known celebrities such as Lena Fujii, Nana Suzuki, Kelly Misawa, Nene Otsuka, MitsukiOishi, the majority of the Tokyo Girls Collection (biggest annual fashion show in Japan) models and many others have publicly offered their support to Svelty through social media websites and printed media.
It is now the most popular slimming brand amongst the Japanese entertainment industry as such a large number andvast collection of celebrities swear by it to maintain their figures.

In terms of market share, it now ranks number 2 overall in the Japanese diet/slimming product industry. This is testament to the effectiveness, quality and popularity of Svelty.


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