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Swiss Kiss Lab
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brand story
Dr. J.Gonella, the founder and Chairman of Swiss Kiss Lab, began his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1968, after obtaining his doctorate from the Lausanne University in Switzerland.
Over the next 40 plus years, he worked for renowned international pharmaceutical companies and supported research in transdermal technologies and other breakthrough medical treatments.
Over the past decade, Dr. Gonella has become more and more concerned about the impact on people’s health of products we use daily. He decided to utilize his extensive knowledge and experience to create reliable and effective skincare products to safeguard our health. "By starting with the skincare products especially for babies and mothers, I wish to contribute to creating a beautiful beginning of a new life," said Dr. Gonella. "My team and I are devoted to creating skincare products that we will proudly recommend to our own families and friends."

The Story Behind "SWISS KISS Lab" SWISS – All our products are formulated together with, and manufactured by, one of the best cosmetics research centres in Switzerland, where product quality and integrity are assured.
KISS - is a passionate expression of love. We express our love by providing a safe, natural, yet effective skincare solution to pamper babies’ delicate and sensitive skin and preserve mothers’ beautiful skin.
Lab – represents our beliefs in continual research and testing in order to develop the best and safest products.

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