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brand story
About JOY-IN

JOY-IN supplement series is newly developed Beauty & Slimming products by TENYOSYA PHATMACEUTICAL CO., LTD TENYOSYA PHATMACEUTICAL CO., LTD was found in January 1917. In the Meiji era, its products had already extended to pharmaceutical, cosmetic and Health food market. In terms of pharmaceuticals, the department adopts strict GMP regulation and is mainly supplied to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

All beauty products have implemented a one-stop processing thoroughly from packaging to logistics which is mainly use for food processing, nutrition condiment and health food. With its many health products, the newly developed JOY-IN jelly supplement has become the hero product and high popularity in Japan. Its natural ingredients have significant benefits for public health. In addition with the jelly-type supplement concept, it is more convenient then the other products in the market which is one reason why it has become a long-term bests selling products.


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