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Founded in Paris by Dr. Marie Béjot, a specialist in dietetics and medical nutrition, the history of OENOBIOL® traced back to 1985. A firm believer in beauty from within, Dr Béjot first started her career in a medical cosmetic clinic where she met her clients and recognized the beauty needs of women. Applying her knowledge in dietetics and beauty care, Dr. Marie Béjot combined nutrition with science by extracting natural active elements through breakthrough technology, followed by stringent clinical studies. OENOBIOL® stands for nature (OENO) combining with technology (BIOL), which is the core value of the brand. Since its establishment, OENOBIOL® is reputed for its continuous innovation and becomes Number 1 seller in beauty nutritional supplements in France. As of today, OENOBIOL® is available in over 20 countries around the world. In July 2011, OENOBIOL® made its first debut in Asia, bringing confidence, health and beauty to ladies in Asia.


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