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Hin Sang
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brand story
Hin Sang was established at 2004 and adhered the mission "Family - Health". With the use of traditional prescriptions and modern technologies, we are researching and developing products targeting from babies to children, teenagers, adults and the elderly, so as to meet the needs of different age groups and to propagate health awareness.

With professional knowledge and experience of medical doctors, Hin Sang continues to research, innovate products. We insist serious manufacturing and strict monitoring. Hin Sang also works in cooperation with renowned academic organizations, experts in western and traditional chinese medical science, so as to optimize the quality and effectiveness of products.

With abundant resources, good quality assurance and professional services, Hin Sang not only gained trusts from citizens, but also credited as "Hong Kong Famous Brand – Golden Brand of the year 2008", "Outstanding Caring Brand Award", "Premium Children's Healthcare Products Award" etc. In the future, Hin Sang will continue to strive for perfection and develop businesses regarding health protection.


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