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brand story
The Top Selling - The Milan Super Model Slimming Secret Formula

-Developed by one of the Greatest Pharmaceutical Company in Milan
-Won 8 International Patents and Countless Large Slimming Awards
-Lead the best slimming effect and revolution over the world

Super Model Slim Secret
World class super models are Famous for various reasons, but they all share a secret - the secret to perfect figure. No matter in New York or Milan, the top secret solution has always stayed within the super model circle, but now a Milan pharmaceutical company have successfully transformed this secret slimming formula of super model to a public listed supplement. This is Super Model Fit.

What is Super Model Fit?
Super Model Fit is the first over-the-counter slimming pill that is proven and is used by super models. The active ingredients are developed by Chemi Nutra, the US. subsidiary of a pharmaceutical company in Milan, Italy. It combines two next generation patented ingredients - PhosphoLean and SerinAid.


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