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Wai Yuen Tong
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brand story
Remaining faithful to the philosophy of "Preparing medicine with dedications, growing strong with reputation", Wai Yuen Tong adheres uncompromisingly to its traditional virtues. Wai Yuen Tong has always made strong commitments to the quality of its products and the medical ingredients used, thereby earning not only trust from its customers, but also the reputation as a prestigious Chinese medicine label.

It was in the 23rd year of Emperor Guangxu of the Ching Dynasty (1897) when Wai Yuen Tong was first founded by a few partner members from the elite families. Since then, the exclusive ancient formulas were passed down from generation to generation. Wai Yuen Tong has successfully secured its leading position in the Chinese medicine industry. Today, the Company continues to combine heritage with modern management methodologies in order to pursue diversification and internationalization of its operations.

Wai Yuen Tong was named the "Hong Kong Top Brand" in 2001 and the "Superbrand" in 2002. The awards are the proof of prominence both from within the industry, as well as from the consumer market.In 2006, Wai Yuen Tong was successful awarded the certification of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) awarded by the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong and the Australian Therapentic Goods Administration.


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