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Lucky Trendy
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brand story
We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of beauty and Health products, Aromas, Electronic Health instruments & complete set of travelling goods. Our mother company was found in 1887 in Osaka. We started with 20 staff and now we are having 3 office buildings and 36 overseas companies worldwide. We have series of products as follows: Eye Make Up Series Hair Accessories Series Nail Beauty Series Skin Care & Beauty Series Famous top singer and movie-star Ayumi Hamasaki (濱崎步) was Lucky Trendy ’s endorser. She loves to use Tina’s eyelash products which make her so shiny in stage crazily adored by millions of fans. Japanese super star Amuro Namie (安室奈美惠) was also Lucky Trendy’s lover, especially our Nail Art. She said Lucky Trendy ’s Nail Art is indispensable.


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