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Japanese brand Yanagiya was formed in 1615. It has almost 400 years of history in developing and manufacturing effective hair care products. Hair cream, tonic and wax (men use) are particularly popular in the market.

JENNOS Hair Cream is the star seller of the brand. Since its launch in 1995, over 10 million pieces have been sold in Japan. Hair Cream Bayu (Horse Oil) released in February 2009 is the eight product in this series. It replenishes and repairs damaged hair, protects hair against irritation and forms a light shield on the surface of hair so as to give extra protection.

JOCELYNE Hair Cover Foundation is another product of the brand that draws public attention. It helps you look younger and more attractive by giving perfect coverage of the grey white hair. The hair cover foundation is stored in a small container that is convenient to carry around and apply anytime you like.

The latest Tsubaki product line is formulated from natural effective ingredient camellia oil. Specially designed for dry hair, the moisture cream and lotion provide lasting moisture retention power. Since the old days, Japanese women use tsubaki oil to keep hair soft, smooth and healthy.


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