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F cup cookies
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Long for a slimmer body figure with fuller breasts? F Cup Cookie, the hottest beauty supplement gaining popularity in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore, is the answer! In 3 weeks, your body is slimmed up and your breasts are enlarged, capturing everyone’s gaze!

Originated from Japan, it becomes the best-selling slimming and breast enhancement product in Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. In Japan particularly, over hundred thousand boxes were sold. What’s more, it is highly recommended by celebrities in various Taiwanese TV shows such as “Nu Ren Wo Zui Da” and “Wo De Mei Ran Ji”. Obviously, it becomes the first choice in the market.

F Cup Cookie is a beauty supplement that simultaneously delivers various benefits, including slimming and breast enhancing. Thanks to the amazing blend of ingredients, soya milk and Pueraria Minifica, it not only provides you with 8 essential amino acids, but also boosts the growth of mammary gland. Being low-calorie and appetite-satisfying, it helps maintain healthy and balanced diet.


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