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For Beloved One
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“For Beloved One” represents an innovation in the bio-cellulose facial mask, applying medical bio-fibers into the beauty field for the first time. It is approved of and praised by many cosmetic surgeons. And all products are patented by Merck. “Endorsements by many doctors and world-famous pharmaceutical company’s patent added.”For Beloved One has gained much popularity and is favored by many celebrities in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China (e.g.: Barbie Hsu, Annie Yi, Niu Er, etc.).

“For Beloved One” has built up a good reputation since it entered the market. It was once awarded Top 1 among pharmacies for its Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask and Melasleep Whitening Treatment Serum by the Apple Daily. And its facial masks also scored top sales among Taiwan’s drugstores and in the largest Taiwanese drugstore “Cosmed”. In addition, other honors include the most recommended anti-wrinkles & moisturing mask by doctors, etc.

Our innovative “microbial fermentation and organic bio-cellusose mask ”makes us the leading experts in the whitening field. We mainly use the “complex microbial community”, which is the finest biological fiber in nature (maximum diameter is only 20 nanos, 1/133 of the one in a traditional nonwoven facial mask) and has been certified by American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), to make the masks. The 3-dimentional nano reticular fiber spontaneously looks for folds in skin ridges and fine lines and penetrates high-efficiency treatment serum into skin, increasing micro-circulation and absorption. It is currently the most recommended material by skin doctors for smart facial masks.

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