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brand story
For those who like the small pleasures of life, especially introduce you DEMETER fragrance. Name after the Greek goddess of agriculture, DEMETER's fragrance designers Christopher Brosius and Christopher Gable have developed many unforgettable scents by using the natural ingredients like flowers, plants, vegetables and fruits, together with the classic European way of making fragrances.

Since 1994, the US brand of DEMETER has produced more than 200 scents inspired by real life objects and experiences. The professional team of staff blend each fragrance by hand, fully reflecting the brand's persistent quest for excellence. DEMETER's fragrance experts believe that unique scents could remind you of what you like best in life and make you happy. They also believe that SCENT SHOULD BE FUN.

In 2000, Demeter was the winner of two Fragrance Foundation awards (the fragrance version of Oscar) - "Women's Fragrance Star of the Year" and "Men's Fragrance Star of the Year". With 250 scents in DEMETER Fragrance Library, the flavors of "Baby Powder" (The best selling product), "Snow" (recognized by the Fragrance Foundation as the Best Fragrance in America in 2000).


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