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The name - "Sul"(snow), "wha"(white) and "soo"(exellence) describe how flowers can blossom from arid branches, your skin should be able to do the same despite the threat of aging. With the right care and nurturing, your skin will be restored to its original flawlessness: beauty, lost and found.

At the heart of traditional Korean medicine is the concept of "harmony" : the idea that the Chi of nature flows to create a general balance; and that human beings are one with nature, with body and mind being indivisible halves of the same person. Following the best of Korean medicinal tradition, Sulwhasoo's functions, aroma and texture were each carefully considered, resulting in a holistic equilibrium point that facilitates interaction between mind, body and nature, creating a state of true harmony within your very own body.

According to Korean medicine, the fundaments to the well-being of a woman is her store of Yin energy (the feminine, restful elemental force of nature). Dry skin is a sure symptom of a lack in Yin energy: brittle, dull skin without clarity and elasticity. As the main ingredient of Sulwhasoo, JaEumDan has the ability to restore the natural balance of your Yin energy. Years of dedicated research has also yielded the additional JaEumBoWeeDan, which greatly enhances the performance of JaEumDan.

JaEumDan: A complex extract distilled from five herbal ingredients: polygonatum officinale, nelumbo nucifera, peony root, rehmannia glutinosa and lily, all carefully selected to combat skin dryness.

JaEumBoWeeDan: A scientifically-proven complex extract designed to further enhance the performance of JaEumDan. Distilled from the essences of bupleurum, honeysuckle, lacryma jobi, prunus amenlaca, and plantago asiatica.


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