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Clarins (Dot Com)
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From 1966 to today...Clarins Face & Body Treatment Oils were the first products in Clarins Aroma-Phyto range and remain bestsellers today. From the plant extract to the finished product, several years of intensive research can take place. So in 1996, Clarins revolutionised body contouring with Body Lift, a product which encouraged the body's own elimination of fat by tapping into the skin's cellular communication system. Further research, including a Nobel Prize winning discovery, was to lead to an even more effective body contouring action with the launch of Body Lift 2000.
Research revealed that the body had a second mechanism for eliminating fat and this could again be activated by specific plant extracts. This resulted in the introduction of Body Lift Contour Control, a breakthrough formula offering twice the contouring power of its predecessor.


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