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Segals is developed by a well-known Canadian pharmacist, Darryl R. Segal. After years of research, the hair strengthening products, consisting of over ten types of natural plant extracts, could heal hair loss. The shampoo contains Saw Palmetto, Jojoba Oil, Biotin, Ginkgo Bioba and Horsetail Extract, etc. With the help natural ingredients like Green Tea, Inosital, Biotin, Nettle, Protein, Hydrolysed Wheat, etc. Dissolves and clears sebum secretion with DHT, clears pores and offers antioxidant, anti-bacteria functions. Nourishes hair roots, boosts circulation, facilitates metabolism and strengthens hair. Deep cleanses, protects, prevents and stops hair loss.

Segals Hair Root Formula is specially formualted for thinning hair. This formula nourishes hair with various nutrients, suppressing and clearing DHT. Clears pore for an encouraging environment for hair growth. Promotes metabolism and circulation. Nourishes hair follicle and strengthens hair health.

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