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brand story
Yuwa Company Limited was founded in 1985. We committed to develop new products as well as efficient and safe production environment since we established. All of our products are manufactured strictly accordance with the quality management standards of Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Inception of the company, we set up a R&D Department of professionals pledged to develop innovative healthy food products. Our products introduced over the years are recognized and trusted by Japanese industry and consumers.

Famous Products:

Barley Leaf Green Juice: With unique technology to remove the bitter taste of the traditional green juice, it is completely retained the chlorophyll and enzymes in Barley Grass. This greatly improves the efficacy and taste of Barley. Barley Leaf Green Juice is very popular in Japan and South Korea. It gets the amazing monthly sales record of 500,000 boxes in Japan. It is known as the natural innocuous weight-loss product.

Black Oolong Tea: A blend of the world's seven kinds of tea with unique roasted technology to extract the unique taste of tea polyphenols. The combination of L-carnitine and Q10 not only effectively inhibited the accumulation of fat substances, but also break up the fat stored in the body, such as burning fat in abdomen, arms, waist and thighs. In long-term drinking, you can naturally to get fat-burning effect but also effectively prevent vascular absorption of cholesterol. This tea beverage has excellent natural flavor and tasty. It is the BEST of tea. The pharmacological effects of this oolong tea is extremely good that's why in Japan, it is called "Beauty Treatment Tea".


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