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In Korean, the two words ‘Charm’ and ‘Zone’ mean ‘Very’ and ‘Good’, respectively. In English, Charmzone means ‘the charming zone’.

Charmzone started its cosmetics business in 1984. With high quality and the strategy of giving a large amount of free samples at the very beginning, it was accepted by the Korean consumers within a short period of time. Its sales in 1988 increased more than 300%. The result was marvelous in the eyes of those from the cosmetics industry. It entered the US market in 1987. In early 1990’s, it was able to pass the world’s most rigorous and complicated set of standards to obtain a license to sell their cosmetics in Japan. Charmzone became the first Korean cosmetics company to successfully enter the Japan market.

Charmzone puts an endless effort in researching and improving the functions and quality of its products. Its Technology Institute is comprised of the Cosmetic Research Center, the Bio-science Research Center, and the Applied Research Center. The Centers develop new products for the future using state-of-the-art technology. Charmzone is devoted to developing and producing quality skin products for men and women around the world.


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