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brand story
Benefit was founded by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford. Originating in a small makeup boutique in San Francisco, Benefit has become an international cosmetics brand with over 600 branches all over the world, including the U.S., London and Germany.

Benefit products are famous for humorous names and innovative textures. Examples of humorous names are “My Date’s My brother” for an eyeshadow shade and "Touch Me Then Try to Leave" for a cream. Star products from Benefit include Benetint, a liquid lip and cheek color, Dandelion the perk-me-up pink powder, and Dr. Feelgood, an invisible balm for matte skin. Another highlight from Benefit is the award winning face kit, Realness of Concealness, which received the Beauty Award for "fabulous face kit" from a well-known woman beauty magazine.


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