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Thursday Plantation
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brand story
First scientifically developed Tea tree plantation in the world, it was started on a Thursday in 1976 and that is where Thursday Plantation (TP) named from.

Thursday Plantation is the first brand to guarantee the main germicidal active, Terpinen-4-ol, exceeds minimum specification of Australian and International Standards by at least 20%. Also, it’s the first to obtain therapeutic registration for Tea Tree Oil. TP is Licensed with GMP and accredited with ISO 9001, manufactured in NSW, Australia – the origin of Tea tree oil. It is an expert in Tea Tree Oil and the best seller in US & Australia for years. 100% natural and posses minimal irritation/ side effects

Usage of f Tea Tree Oil: Antiseptic properties against; Acne; Insect’s bites, boils and minor wounds; Athlete’s foot; Dandruff; Fungal nail infection; Genital herpes;MRSA; Plaque/ gingivitis; Vaginal infections.


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