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Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical was founded in the mid-19th century, holding the mission to make patch care available for all who seek it-anytime, anywhere. Hisamitsu has released products ranging from the collection of Lifecella to SALONPAS.

Lifecella include Lifecella Gel mask series and Lifecella Paper mask series. All Lifecella products are made in Japan and directly imported, and are the no. 1 bestseller compared with similar products in Japan. Lifecella mask is made with the latest ODT technology, enabling it to effectively moisten and soften rough skins, while enhancing the carrying capacity of every cell, so as to facilitate the essence to permeate into the in-depth layer of the skin. In firm and jelly texture, Hisamitsu Lifecella mask lets you feel free to do what you like while enjoying the mask!

SALONPAS features patches of various types in order to suit many different requirements in pain relief, including Salonpas Hi and Salonsip Gel Patch.


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