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Dr. Jart+
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brand story
With professional plastic surgery and clinical knowledge of skincare products, Dr.Jart+, created by a group of famous Korean dermatological specialist, uses only low-irritative, non-pigment, non-perfume ingredients to minimize the use of perfume, alcohol, preservatives, and other ingredients for better care of delicate skin. The products are tested on the most sensitive skin.

Dr. Jart+ continuously tries to improve skin problems of women worldwide. Consumers choose Dr. Jart+ because of its safety, reliability, and cutting edge skin technology. The initial “J” of Dr. Jart+ is from Jung, Sung-Jae, a medical specialist. And “ART” means more than one dimensional stage to protect skin.

The ace product BB cream is one of the three major brands in Korea. More than 1 million pieces of this BB Cream are sold with high reputation worldwide.


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