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brand story
Kanebo launched its first skincare product in the 1930’s. The mission of this famous cosmetics brand from Japan is “FEEL YOUR BEAUTY”. It is to provide customers with unlimited beauty and quality customer services. Kanebo offers more than 10 skin care and make-up brands to meet the needs of different groups of customers. FRESHEL, NAIVE, ALLIE, HADABISEI, KATE, T’ESTIMO, TIFFA, LAVSHUCA and REVUE are some of the brands. Kanebo’s make-up brands include T’ESTIMO, TIFFA and KATE. T’ESTIMO gives pleasant, trendy and natural make-ups. TIFFA gives romantic make-ups. And KATE gives youthful make-ups variegated in terms of colour and texture.

FRESHEL is one of the skin care brands of Kanebo, specially designed for busy women. FRESHEL White C is a product line that aims at leaving skin luminous and beautiful with even skin tone.



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