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brand story
SCINIC - Sprout the seed of beauty from your skin.
The seeds of plants are the gifts of nature that give birth to new life from the last essence of plants. Sprout the healthy seed from your skin with the highest nutritional seeds of plants that contain the life force of nature. Scinic restores your healthy natural skin with a high level of immunity

Our commitment for Products
1. Natural Science Cosmetics Aiming for Self Clinic
Our cosmetics help you to restore your natural immunity with the condensed effects of plant seeds which represent nature’s life force.
2. The Right Cosmetics Aiming for Right Clinic
We lead the development of the right cosmetics for your skin which are free of coloring chemical fragrances or alcohol.
3. Health Cosmetics Aiming for Safe Clinic
We develop healthy cosmetics with safe ingredients, safe skin beauty treatment, and safe containers.

Scinic EX Jelly Cream was awarded the Best Hydrating Cream by 2010 Allure Beauty Fair & Best of Beauty Award. And the sold quantity recorded million in 2010.

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