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brand story
BRTC stands for Bio Remendies Therapeutic Cosmetics. It is a well-known medical beauty expert originated from Korea. Its parent company, AMI, owns more than 1000 dermatologic clinics and research laboratories in Korea. Being in the leading position in Korea, it is the world’s foregoer who introduced Blemish Balm to Korea and upgraded it into multi-functional Blemish Balm Cream, leading to a craze of BB Cream. Its hero product, Multi-Functional BB Cream, is driving plenty of Asian women to mad and created a sales record of 50000 in Japan.

Its 3 patented formulae + natural botanical ingredients deliver optimal beauty benefits:

  • Vita-Extract: enhances elasticity and firms up slackening skin.
  • EMX-Water: a potent anti-oxidant.
  • Na-Complex: unclogs pores and prevents the appearance of blackheads.


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