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Lam Kam Sang
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brand story
Lam Kam Sang Medical Research Institute (H.K.) was established in Hong Kong in 1981. From a family of five generations of renowned doctors, Dr. Lam has combined Chinese traditional formulation with Western technology, in order to extract the effective and high quality products for the people. The functions, indications, courses of treatments, administrations and contradictions of Lam Kam Sang® product series are clearly defined.

Euro America Pharmaceutical Factory LTD (H.K.) was established as the sole manufacturer of the Lam Kam Sang® Products Series and conducting medical research at the same time. It is under the supervision of the Institute. By using scientific production technology, it is categorized as a medium-sized pharmaceutical factory in Hong Kong. Products are under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and meet American FDA standards. Lam Kam Sang® uses modern production control and computerized system which offer excellent and high quality products to meet the strict requirement of the Lam Kam Sang® Products Series. Their aim, as always, is strive to offer the products.


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