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2UP®Breast Enhancer 8,800mg Collagen Drink

A highly effective breast enhancing product that shapes you into more perfect curves!

A collection of breast enhancing products are developed under the name of 2UP®, a prominent breast beauty product brand name in the US, to satisfy the need of every woman in the world, providing the complete solution against loosening, sagging and aging problems.

2UP® 8,800mg Amazing Breast Uplifting Collagen Drink is one of the featured products of 2UP®. More than 30,000 boxes have been sold around the world since the launch of which and the repurchase rate is as high as 82.6%.

2UP® 8,800mg Amazing Breast Uplifting Collagen Drink consists of isoflavone and pueraria mirifica extract. These ingredients effectively stimulate the growth of mammary cells and hence improve loosening, shrinking and sagging of breasts while enhancing elasticity as well as providing better support. The product is also added with collagen and vitamin C. The former replenishes the natural loss of collagen throughout aging; the latter speeds up the metabolism of skin. As a whole, the product uplifts and firms up breasts while beautifying and refining the curves.

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duration: Nov 17, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015


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