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Dr. White
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brand story
Why is Dr. White created?
Within the vast quantity of beauty care products in the market, we noticed that the majority of the products are for facial care, and some for body care. We cannot find one effective home useproduct for the teeth beauty. Dr. White has worked for years to develop MAGIC blue serieswhich is simple and easy to use by anyone at home. This innovation will give the confidence to smile like an angel.

Product Features
Dr. White is proud to introduce our latest innovation from the blue light technology. MAGIC blue series is a unique, the state-of-the-art tooth whitening system. You can now experience the joy of using MAGIC blue in the convenience of your own home, with brilliant results comparable to professional care. You will soon have that glamorous smile that you have always wanted.
Through a combination of 460-475nm blue lightand our proprietary MAGIC Gel, teeth become whiter, faster! The MAGIC Blue light transmitter has revolutionized the professionally formulated blue light technology in home tooth whitening.
For only 15-30 minutes a day, staining that has built up over the years becomes history. It takes no longer than the time it would take to have a haircut, a manicure even for lunch - it's that simple. You can have your teeth whitened anywhere you like, anytime you wish.

The formulation of our whitening gel, production, quality control and ingredients testing have all been handled conscientiously and meticulously with the support of our strong research, production and quality control team.
All whitening gel and mouth trays are made in the USA and our production is regulated under the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Is it safe?
It has been clinically proven that blue light is safe to tooth structure, skin tissue and gums.
To ensure safety and reliability of our products, we have been approved by SGS with various tests including CE. Our Natural Magic series is compliance with the European Community regulations
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