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Uni Nippon
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brand story
“Chinese Pharmaceutical (HK) Company Limited" (CP) was established in 2009, is one of the leading health supplement manufacturers in Hong Kong. We’re committed to quality. CP only uses the best ingredients from all over the world and employsstringentquality assurance testing, manufacturing standards. CP has a presence in many countries such as United State, Japan and Taiwan, etc. "Chinese Pharmaceutical (HK) Company Limited" owns five well-known brands, including "Noto37", "Rootswell", "Vital Qi", "Uni-Nippon" and "American Pride."Many Hong Kong celebrities, including Miss Angie Chiu, MrBryan Leung, Miss Sheren Tang, Mr Jim Chim, MrJohnson Lee, Mr Chun Wong, Miss Rain Lau and MrHuiSiu Hung are the spokespersons of our company’s products. To ensure the quality of products, CPwill have random sampling in the Hong Kong’s registered testing and certification organization for testing product safety, including "pesticide residues", "heavy metal", "microbes" and many other tests. Rigorous testing and manufacturing standard is carried out in each step of product development.
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