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brand story
Dr. G is developed by Dr. Gun-Yong Ahn, the founder of Gowoonsesang, the world’s 2nd largest medical skin care group. His over 20 years of clinical experiences on skin restoration is behind the birth of Dr.G. He entered a medical school with the facial burn from his childhood. He treated his scare and restored skin of many patients. He gained a reputation in the skin restoration area. He developed Dr.G by request of patient who wanted daily skin care after the dermatological treatment. Five skincare lines of Dr.G suitable for people in different ages, the Trouble Care Line for acne skin and Luxury EGF Line make Dr.G become a reputable top brand in Korea.

Dr.G Philosophy: Medical formula for beautiful and healthy skin
Gowoonsesang means ‘Beautiful World’ in Korean. With the clinical knowledge, state-of-the-art technology and high quality ingredients, skincare products of Dr.G rejuvenate skin inside out.


  • Gowoonsesang is the No.1 skin clinical centre in Korea
  • In Seoul, every 1 out of 8 women is the user of Dr.G skincare products and services
  • Star product: Hydra Intensive Mask is the favorite mask of the Korean president’s wife
  • Dr.G is appointed by Asiana Airline to provide the skin care service for their first class customers
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