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brand story
“She” has lots of and lots of beautiful clothes, long golden hair, an immortal and never-fade beauty, leave alone the fact that “she” is every little girl’s best friend… Who is “she”? Right, she is our Barbie!

In March 2009, Barbie has just celebrated her fifty-year-old birthday. To fully show Barbie as a fashion icon, a series of Barbie beauty products has been grandly launched. This is the first time that Barbie finally has her own brand of Beauty and Skin Care product, including "All Doll'd Up" cosmetics series, “Plastic Smooth" skincare series, and "Plastic Shine" nail care series!

From Barbie’s Eye Shadow combination to her Lipstick and Lip Gloss series, or from Barbie’s Blush combination to Barbie’s nail polish, there are endless colors waiting for you to discover! You can play Mix & Match 24 hours non-stop! Barbie skin care products are all of natural and gentle formulas which can help you easily have silky and smooth skin. Your charming brilliance will just bloom from the inside out, just as Barbie! Barbie’s products are set to be playful, stylish, and more importantly practical, satisfying all the personal yet different needs of each and every girl. If you are as fashionable and independent as Barbie, do not hesitate to embark on a tour to be Barbie!


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