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product name: SUISSE PROGRAMME 24 Hour Lip Guard (00 Natural) (3.6g) item no.: 000001019900 brand: SUISSE PROGRAMME
ative from: 2007-11-30 00:00:00 product size: 3.6 g country of origin: Italy
function: Nourishing category: Lip Balm



Finally, an emollient-rich lip balm that moisturizes and protects your lips has launched. The lightweight lip guard, when worn under lipstick or lip gloss, enhances the natural hydration of the lips. Enhanced with a pearlescent sheen, the soothing formula offers daily protection against the damaging effects of sun, cold tremperatures and wind.

  • All Day Moisture: A special blend of oils provides superior comfort while honey delivers highly emollient and nourishing properties.
  • All Day Protection: Organic sun filters provide an equivalent of SPF 15 to keep lips continuously protected and shielded against harmful sunrays.
  • Sparkling Luminous Finish: Pearlescence and sheen make lips appear luminous, sparkling and healthy.

how to use

Apply anytime, day or night. Ideal to be worn under lipstick or lip gloss.


Blend of oils, Honey, Organic Sun Filter, Sparkling Luminous Finish, Shiny Polymer

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