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product name: SkinPeptoxyl EYELASH GROWTH
Eyelash Growth Treatment (9ml)
item no.: 000001044180 brand: SkinPeptoxyl
ative from: 2010-08-31 00:00:00 product size: 9 ml
function: category: Eyelash Conditioner



Skin Peptoxyl Eyelash Growth Treatment is created by the breakthrough peptide combination and natural extract to revitalize the synthesis of collagen and elastin, activate eyelash follicles, extend and stimulate eyelash growth cycle. It not only thickens but also strengthens you eyelash, delays the fall off of eyelashes. Its remarkable technology allows the ingredients to deliver to the root of your eyelash instantly and precisely, bringing you the professional result to your home, and giving you a long and thick eyelash you desired.

how to use

  1. Take out the treatment brush. Brush your eyelashes outwards and horizontally, both upper and lower eyelash.
  2. Leave on for absorption.
  3. Use on daily basis.


  • 『CG-Rejuline』
    Deliver more stable and prolonged lengthening action and provide nutrition to make eyelash strong and healthy.
  • 『CG-Fibramin』
    Improve density of eyelashes by lengthen eyelash growth cycle.
  • 『CG-Keramin2』
    Derliver CG-Keramin2 to the base of follicles which strengthen and stimulate eyelash follicles to produce strong eyelash shaft. Prevent eyelashes fall off.