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product name: Olay TOTAL EFFECTS
Normal and Gentle Day Cream Set SPF15 (3piece)
item no.: 000001060409 brand: Olay
ative from: 2012-10-16 00:00:00 product size: 3 piece
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Olay TOTAL EFFECTS 7 in 1 Normal and Gentle Day Cream Set SPF15 contains:

  • Normal Day Cream SPF15(50g x 2)
    Normal Day Cream has a fresh and lightweight texture, which has a great anti-ageing function. Formulated with a non-greasy texture which glide on weightlessly, absorbs instantly, and leave skin comfortably fresh. This is a multi-function cream, catering multifarious need of your skin including improving dryness, dullness, lines, wrinkles, and coarseness, tightening pores, leaving your skin look supple and sleek. You only need one skincare product to cater for all the nutrients that you need. It is the perfect product for a working woman like you! With this effective and time-saving skincare product, you can now strike a balance between work and beauty.

    How to Use: After skincare, apply an amount about the size of a pearl.

  • Olay 7 in 1 Gentle Day Cream SPF15 (50g)
    Gentle Day Cream is the answer to the needs of sensitive skin. Specially formulated without perfumes and colorants while maintaining the same active ingredients as the regular variant. Result a product that helps fight 7 signs of ageing, but suits the needs of your sensitive skin. It provides 7 anti-ageing benefits: Line minimization: Reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles.
    Nourishing moisturization: for a radiant healthy glow.
    Tone Enhancement: Balances colour and reduces appearance of age spots.
    Gentle exfoliation: Smooths and evens out texture. Pore refinement: Minimises the appearance of pores.
    Free radical defense: helps prevent damage to skin’s surface.
    Subtle lifting: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance.

    How to Use: Take an appropriate amount and spread evenly on the face and neck daily after cleansing.

suitable for
mature skin / sensitive skin

mature skin / sensitive skin

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