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item no.: 000001060804
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specification: 6 piece
functions:All Skin TypeBrighteningNourishingHydrating 


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product name: Swiss Rituel BASIC CARE
Moisturizing Facial Mask (6piece)
item no.: 000001060804 brand: Swiss Rituel
ative from: 2013-05-15 00:00:00 product size: 6 piece country of origin: Switzerland
function: All Skin TypeBrighteningNourishingHydrating  category: Paper Mask



Swiss Rituel Moisturizing Facial Mask is a wonderful facial mask specially designed for Asian skin to deliver the instant moisture and a radiance effect. The 100% cotton mask infuses the skin with moisturizing agents – Hydrolite-5 and Pentavitin R, enriched with extract from the Swiss Alpine flower Edelweiss -, that work together with Swiss spa water. It improves the skin’s natural defense system and helps to protect it against damaging oxidants. The mask immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it refreshed and cool.

how to use

Apply mask over facial contours after cleansing, positioning openings for eyes and mouth. Leave on for 10 minutes, then remove mask and discard. Gently massage remaining essence into skin.

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all skin type / all skin type

all skin type / all skin type