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item no.: 100079661001
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specification: 33 ml
functions:PeelingNourishingDark Spots RemovingHydrating 


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product name: Kose Medicated Sekkisei MEDICATED SEKKISEI
Emulsion (33ml)
item no.: 100079661001 brand: Kose Medicated Sekkisei
ative from: 2009-05-13 00:00:00 product size: 33 ml country of origin: Japan
function: PeelingNourishingDark Spots RemovingHydrating  category: Comforting Toner



Heavy weight serum has high emollient effect to skin without any sticky end-feel. Stays deeply in horny layer to help skin look elastic and white.
Five different kinds of botanic extracts incorporated such as Inula Japonica Thunb, Coix Seed, Mountain Bark, Melothria and Angelica to help skin appear translucent. Moisture Balance Polymer keeps the best moist balance, regardless of the seasons and skin types. Comfortable and fresh end-feel lasts long. Inhibits melanin production and prevents not only dark spots or freckles caused by sun but also dryness or irritation. For the synergetic effect, try Medicated Sekkisei Lotion and Medicated Sekkisei Cream as well.

how to use

Apply under lotion (Medicated Sekkisei Lotion). Pump a few times to get right dosage (over 1 ml), and go over to skin. For dry skin, apply more.

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suitable for
all skin type

all skin type