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item no.: 100115208002
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specification: 50 g
functions:Hydrating Nourishing


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product name: Olay ACTIVE HYDRATING
Moisturizing Cream (For Sensitive Skin) (50g)
item no.: 100115208002 brand: Olay
ative from: 2007-06-21 00:00:00 product size: 50 g
function: Hydrating Nourishing category: Moisturizing Gel 



Olay Moisturizing Cream is specially designed for Sensitive Skin. It provides moisture nourishment for up to 12 hours. It significantly improves skin smoothness and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles to leave even dry skin youthful looking.

It contains a special moisture binding system that locks in moisture where it’s needed most. It contains fluids so similar to the natural fluids in young skin that skin readily claims them as its own.

Allergy and Dermatologist testes.Fragrance Free.

how to use

Smooth onto face and neck twice per day.

suitable for
sensitive skin

sensitive skin

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