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item no.: 100190708001
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product name: Johnson & Johnson CLEAN & CLEAR
Oil Control Film (60 sheets) (60piece)
item no.: 100190708001 brand: Johnson & Johnson
ative from: 2000-01-01 00:00:00 product size: 60 piece country of origin: USA
function: category: Blotting Tissues



Instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder. Softer than paper, these silky sheets can be used easily around your nose and other area of your face. Use them anytime, anywhere to remove oil and shine throughout the day.

how to use

Before first use, open package lid and peel off sticker on inside panel. For easy pop-up dispensing, press lid down and lift up to remove each sheet. Blot sheet gently on face to remove excess oil and shine . Ideal for use over makeup. Dispose used sheet in trash receptacle.

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