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item no.: 100204903001
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specification: 20 g
functions:Sensitive SkinSoothingNourishingPore MinimizingAcne Care


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product name: TCM Mask Seabed Soil Pack (For Acne Skin) (20g) item no.: 100204903001 brand: TCM Mask
ative from: 2000-01-01 00:00:00 product size: 20 g
function: Sensitive SkinSoothingNourishingPore MinimizingAcne Care category: Paper Mask



It can soften and rid acne and cutin, alleviate and prevent the ill microbe, as well as clean and improve the quality of your skin, leaving it soft and clear.

how to use

Apply a slightly thick layer evenly onto the face, avoiding the eye and mouth areas. Peel it off in an upward direction once it has dried completely.


Angelica inensis Diel Panax pseudo ginseng, Aloe-Vera.

suitable for
oily and acne skin

oily and acne skin