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item no.: 100254003001
now: US$7.50
specification: 150 ml


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product name: L'Oreal Paris SPECIAL FX
Out of Bed Fiber Putty (150ml)
item no.: 100254003001 brand: L'Oreal Paris
ative from: 2007-10-31 00:00:00 product size: 150 ml
function: category: Hair Wax



Fiber putty for long lasting messed up effects. For an out of bed look, all day. Fiber putty to create messed up effects: crumpled, tousled, unstructured. Non-greasy, non-hardening, defining. Its supple texture allows you to rework your hair.

how to use

  • Use on dry hand. Rub a nut-sized amount of Fiber Putty into the palm of your hands, then using a clapping motion, create a web of fibers.
  • Mess up your hair as much as you like, by working and reworking it with your hands.
  • Create definition, spikes or twists. Whatever your chosen style, the results will be long lasting.