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item no.: 100409802001
now: US$154.80
RRP: US$ 193.50
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functions:Hydrating BrighteningNourishingWhiteningAnti-oxidizingAnti-wrinkle


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Skin Radiance Serum (30ml)
item no.: 100409802001 brand: SUISSE PROGRAMME
ative from: 2000-01-01 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml country of origin: Switzerland
function: Hydrating BrighteningNourishingWhiteningAnti-oxidizingAnti-wrinkle category: Essence


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item no.: 100409802001
size: 30 ml
now: US$ 154.8
RRP: US$ 193.50
save: 20%

Delicate to apply, effective in terms of results, Cellular skin radiance serum helps restore tone and firmness whenever the skin shows the first sign of fatigue. Ideal during periods of stress or climatic changes. Rich in active biomolecules capable of acting on the cellular respiration. The benefits of this serum is to increase intensively the skin regeneration processes and improves skin vitality. This treatment contains a combination of natural substances that stimulate hydration. Restores the skin natural luminosity. Skin looks smoother and revitalized. Restores firmness and elasticity.

This product is highly recommended by the popular Taiwan Beauty Magazine “BEAUTY”.

how to use

Apply to face and neck every morning and evening after the cleansing process. Apply few drops by light massage. Ideal as a few weeks intensive treatment. Applied after the mask, it optimizes the instant radiant-freshness effect.

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all skin type

all skin type