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product name: Christian Dior DIOR ADDICT
Eau de Parfum (100ml)
item no.: 100453902003 brand: Christian Dior
ative from: 2011-03-30 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml
function: category: Eau De Parfum (EDP)



Christian Dior DIOR ADDICT Eau de Parfum is an oriental with sensual energy. The sophisticated oriental fragrance with a floral heart is specially formulated for the passionate, intuitive woman who ignores dictates and follows her own rules. The Dior Addict attitude is best incarnated by its heart note of the Jamaican “Queen of the Night", a rare and elusive flower that blooms only for a few hours and is considered the soul of enchantment. Intensely seductive.

Top note: mandarin

Middle note: queen of the night

Base note: vanilla

how to use

Recommended for daytime casual wear. Apply to neck, back of the ears or pulse points after bathing or before going out.

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