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item no.: 100774204001
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Firming Face and Neck Complex (Pre-sales) (30ml)
item no.: 100774204001 brand: SUISSE PROGRAMME
ative from: 2005-01-23 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml
function: FirmingNourishingBrighteningAnti-wrinkleHydrating  category: Moisturizing Milk


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item no.: 100774204001
size: 30 ml
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RRP: US$ 145.00
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The often ignored skin around the neck is one of the most visible areas that can betray the years. Suisse Programme has specially developed Platinum Face and Neck Cream to deliver firmness and youthful resilience to the neck, throat and chest area. Based on a specific facial lifting complex, this moisturizing cream provides an immediate lifting effect on premature signs of aging on skin of face and neck.

how to use

Apply morning and evening on the cleansed and toned skin of face and neck.


  • Argieline-Acetyl Hexapeptide-3: relax the muscle, prevent wrinkles formation
  • B.C.C: enhance cell respiration and oxygen content
  • Superior Moisturizing Complex: keep skin tension and moisture.
  • Multi-Protection Complex: anti-oxidants and remove free-radicals

suitable for
mature skin

mature skin