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product name: Methode Jeanne Piaubert EXPRESS SLIM CHRONO-SLIMMING 8-DAY (100ml) item no.: 101048401001 brand: Methode Jeanne Piaubert
ative from: 2005-07-20 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml country of origin: France
function: Lymphatic CirculationFirmingAnti-water RetenionDetoxBody category: treatment



Our body does no t react in the same way all day long. They tend to destock during the day to provide the energy we need all day long, whereas of night, the same cells tend to stock up fat. Expresslim therefore sticks to this circadian cycle to optimize slimming results. During the day, it favours destocking of fats and at night seek to curb the fat stocking process.

Day Serum: Its Lipodiurne complex, a unique combination of active ingredients, enriched with micro-patches, acts on three levels. It destocks unwanted fats thanks to a remarkable concentration of caffeine, its alpha2-releasing ingredient and red tea extract. Finally, it drains them then burns them. It regulates the effects of insuline, particularly high around midday, by favouring the release of fats out of the adipocytes. It micro-patches guarantee in-depth penetration of active ingredients and a better result on established celluite (Micro-patches are particularly important, as it is demonstrated that during the day, the skin is less permeable than at night. They therefore make up for this deficiency.)

Night Serum: Its high performance Liponocturne complex, not only does it destock fats by the action of highly concentrated caffeine, reinforced by red tea extract but it also inhibits lipo-proteinelipase to prevent adipocytes from stocking up new fats.

After 8 days, your body becomes slimmer, fatty deposits are attenuated and celluite is visibly reduced. Your skin is smoother, softer, toned and firmer.

how to use

As an 8 day intensive course of treatment, morning and evening. Apply the day serum in the morning after showering. Apply the night serum in the evening, before going to bed. Make sure the products penetrate well through strong massage that favour lymphatic drainage.

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